The role of a specialist in any marketing function is undeniably important and, arguably, the most sought-after role. But the generalist marketer is often wrongfully underestimated industry-wide.

A generalist marketer maps out the complete customer journey and builds an end-to-end integrated marketing path that glues together most marketing functions while simultaneously incorporating your company’s messaging in the context of your customer’s challenges. A specialist marketer, on the other hand, focuses on specific functions of the marketing channel and is less focused on building experiences for your customers, potentially leaving gaps in your marketing flow.

The digital era has created new ways for startups to connect with their customers on a deeper level and deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences at scale, leaving today’s customer with multiple ways to make their buying decision.

Because of this, you need more dynamic, strategic, and innovative thinkers in your marketing department to drive the customer experience of the future. If you’re running a startup, generalists can fill this gap much better than specialists.

While the world is talking about specializing in key marketing areas (the way to go), I strongly advocate for the generalist in startup marketing roles.

I am keen to hear your thoughts.