A Heritage of Innovation in Upstate New York

We announced this week our first year of membership with the Capital Region Chamber of Commerce.

One need not visit Manhattan or Brooklyn to find cutting-edge digital marketing talent in the Empire State these days. From our headquarters in Schenectady and with a staff of experts from around the globe, Growthster has been crucial to the financial health of businesses across the USA since 2018.

Growthster is now the newest member of the Capital Region Chamber of Commerce, representing 2,600 businesses and organizations from throughout the Capital Region – Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady and Rensselaer Counties and beyond – that employ more than 150,000 area residents.

Schenectady has always been a cradle of technological innovation in New York. Thomas Edison and Charles Steinmetz created General Electric here over 100 years ago. Our region has some of the best high-tech academic institutions in the country, too. 

We have a talented local workforce and a growing community of leading tech businesses…the potential is huge! While one must recognize the importance of developing more high-tech manufacturing today, the world’s economy has become more service-oriented as well. 

Our mission is to innovate, create, and expand what revenue operations can do for the world,  just like Steinmetz, Edison and others did right here with electricity and manufacturing before us.

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New York’s Tech Valley has a local team of digital marketing experts, ready to bring it new exposure and growth.