Perfect automation in marketing can drive intelligent creativity and energize marketing productivity. The accuracy of machine learning combined with human intuition has led to an era of creative transformation in marketing that has never been seen before.

Here’s how MARKETN™ is using AI in major marketing, sales, and business functions.


1. Scaling ads intelligently and creatively 

Individual elements of marketing campaigns – down to the design style or the color schemes – can be determined by algorithms to ensure they have the best likelihood of grabbing your audience's attention and prompting further engagement. 


2. Marketing automation to scale personalization - Scale and Efficiency Go Together

Personalization works when it's based on contextual relevance. Interacting with context (knowing your customer and their needs) and delivering something relevant as a result (the correct offer or interaction) depends directly on your data sources and the analytics applied to that data.

By engaging in modern marketing, we can better track customer journeys and buyer engagement, see patterns, and make predictions. 


3. Scaling Websites and Intelligent Website Audits

Websites can be optimized for unique user experiences by considering geography, demographics, inbound actions, and other characteristics. Personalization begins with who the customer is and where they’ve come from.  For returning customers, you can direct them to a webpage that is personalized to reflect their intent. Personalization still pays even for first-time visitors when businesses showcase their most popular services.