Predictability and consistency are at the heart of every successful business; having a predictable revenue system is the most important step in your journey to producing business growth. 

Basically, having a predictable revenue system means you have a formulaic process that enables you to create consistency year-over-year and provide business growth (as opposed to last-minute guessing). You’re able to predict how much revenue your business will consistently generate by utilizing this system.

A solid predictable revenue system will ensure that your digital marketing and sales efforts follow a rhythm that is consistently producing a quality pipeline. Having this system in place will make your sales enablement smarter and you’ll achieve better revenue outcomes by ensuring that everything can be correctly measured, analyzed, and optimized using data, automation, SOPs, and communication.

Here’s a four step process to consider if your business needs a predictability revenue system, according to Digital Marketing Coach David Bradley:

Step 1: Identify Buyer Persona
Identify your ideal customer profile to find the right prospects and disqualify the rest.

Step 2: Build Your Contacts
Consider your contact list of decision-makers and the high cost of marketing to unfit prospects.

Step 3: Launch Email Campaigns
Send 50­-100 outbound emails every  week with a goal of 5­-10 new responses in mind. Follow up with a phone call to those who show interest

Step 4: Sell the Dream and Pass It On
If they are a great fit, they will be ready to take action, be in contact with the decision makers, and will show real interest in the next step - sales reps are more than appointment-makers.