What happens in the first month, second month, and third month of an engagement?

First Month:
To start - we will have two crucial calls during the first month.

ICP Kick-Off Call:
The purpose of this call is to document your ideal customer persona. In order to do so effectively, we will require you to complete a detailed ICP questionnaire and send it to us a maximum of 3 days prior to the call so that we come well prepared to discuss your business objectives and make the most out of 45 minutes together.

Allowing us this time to prepare enables a smooth conversation covering your brand’s value proposition and the pain points that you are solving. We will tie this understanding to your campaign objectives and define the specific outcome you’d like to achieve. 

Afterwards, we will schedule the next call, which is the -

Custom Growth Strategy Call: This call aims to formulate a custom growth strategy plan against the objectives outlined in the ICP Kick-Off Call.

Our proprietary email methodology will be explained in great detail, and so will our internal processes (which you will understand quickly). We want you to have a thorough understanding of our technical setup (domain configuration, CRM integration) and the mechanisms of our email marketing engine.

You will also be filled in on the details of our database built around your target audience and how we manage those lists.

In the background, our copywriting team will be crafting world-class copy, ready to present to you for additional peer review.

Our emails will not end up in your prospects' spam folder.

To that end, we will spend 1-2 weeks warming up your email infrastructure. That means proper IP, domain, email address and mailbox configuration so that your brand has a solid sender reputation.

Additionally, we will have to audit your past email practices, test your current domain against any existing spam filters, and set you up with a performance monitoring dashboard.

It will take us several days to source a sample list of prospects against your ICP, which will then be sent to you for your approval. 

Once approved, it will then take us ten days to source the more robust, official list that we will be targeting to meet your goals.

This will conclude our first month together.

Second Month:
Time to kick off your email campaign!

The campaign is based on a 7-email sequence containing on-brand copy, delivered according to the arrangement we agreed upon on our custom growth strategy call. If you’ve chosen the standard package, you’ll have a maximum of 2 mailboxes, sending emails spread throughout the remaining two months against the goals determined during our kick-off call.

Depending on your package, you’ll have access to more outbound channels and features like tracking responses, alerts, and additional automation.

We will be closely monitoring mailboxes and campaigns for deliverability, replies, open rates, and guarding your sender reputation score.

Weekly KPIs will be sent to you every Friday, which will allow us to make additional copy adjustments based on the feedback from the campaign. If the campaign is performing well, the copy will not be adjusted.

We will conclude our second month with a campaign update call during the middle of its run.

Third Month:
The third month will be smooth sailing on your end as we continue to monitor the plan and efficacy of the campaign. 

We will make adjustments and optimize wherever necessary, update the copy, and closely guard your domain reputation.

At this point, we expect to see consistent results, allowing us to start planning and scaling strategically based on knowledge gained.